Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the X is silent

ex-blogger. for the last several months, that's been me. i could probably count the number of blogs blog posts i've read in the last 6 months on my fingers. i've been thinking about returning to the blogosphere for some time now, but for whatever reason, i just haven't done it.

that changes today, friend. to. day.

here it is. my first post. well, kinda sorta. i'm gonna say it out loud: i'm ready to come back to blogging. i'm not saying i'm going to post every day. at this point, let's just hope i can post something once a month.

things i miss about blogging:

1. reading YOUR blog.
2. meeting new friends on the interwebs who think i'm cute/funny/bitchy.
3. writing. i love writing. i hope i've not forgotten how.
4. sharing my stories of wit, sarcasm, accomplishment and opinion with you.
5. your comments. about how witty, sarcastic, accomplished and opinionated i am.

i'll still keep my recipe blog, no measurements, because cooking is something i adore and want that to all be rolled up in one spot. no measurements will be undergoing a makeover soon, so you'll probably want to watch for that. pay no attention to the fact that i haven't updated it in 3 months.

i'd like to thank my sister elana, for helping me come up with a name for my new blog...inspired by urban dictionary.

i'll leave you today with the definition of jess, according to urban dictionary:

A Jess is a person who is generous, talented and kindly. The name itself means "wealthy", and this is true, as a jess will always be rich in spirit and personality. Also used by some kids to mean "awesome".

The term should not be confused with the Spanish jess (pronounced hess) which means a woman with low moral standards.

Hey, don't you just love that girl?
Yeah, she's so jess.


Anthony said...

Welcome back yesssica, er...i mean Jessica. Can't wait to read more.

LaDawn said...

welcome back to the blog world. Its a great place to be. If you dont post every day no worries we will always have face book .

Connie Weiss said...


Nixon Dickhouse said...


The Dave said...

Welcome back Jess.. oh and I **heart** Nixon Dickhouse..

Erin said...

I love Urban Dictionary. And I'm really excited you started a new blog. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Jessicathe said...

yes, we should start going by hess. so trendy.

welcome back, and i'm back too. i wish us both luck. http://www.scrappypants.blogspot.com.

Marianne said...

Welcome back!

Teresa said...

So glad that I have got to know you.I consider you a friend and am so delighted that you are in this circle. I look forward to keeping up with you and your crazy life! xoxox


Valori said...

You are a great inspiration!! I should start blogging again too!!! Blogs are a fun way to keep up with everyone!!!! As well as FB!!! :D

jess said...

thony!!!! how i miss thee!

ladawn...i have enjoyed reconnecting with you on facebook.

connie, you skinny bitch. you are just the bestest!

nixon dickhouse, if i could have more babies, i'd have one for you. ewwwww...

the dave... xoxo

erin, must go blogroll you. right now! <3

jess, i miss you.

marianne, i didn't know you had a blog! yay!

teresa...i love you too! i've so enjoyed our time together and am grateful for your friendship. you's awesome!

val...was good to see you yesterday. no heartburn! whatever you did, it was borderline miraculous.

Az Kelms said...

YAY! I am so glad that you started blogging again. Can't wait to read more of your posts.

amber said...


I love reading about your life in your quirky personality!