Monday, June 28, 2010

summertime and the livin's easy

oh summer, how do i love thee??? let me count the ways. getting sunburnt is worth a day at the pool. hot leather seats are worth it when you have some awesome tunes to turn up loud - with the sunroof open. yay for cooking out, for pasta salad with fresh vegetables, for an ice cold beer, and for dutch oven potatoes. holla for fresh peas out of the garden, for freshly cut grass and for kids running through the sprinkler. yay for fourth of july and for hot summer nights, and BIG yay for dogs who stay clean and dry. pretty sparkly toenails and sunkissed bronze skin makes me happy.

since my last blog post, lots of stuff has happened. jenna tried out for a new soccer team -and of course she made it. we loved our old team, but she got a chance to guest play with this team at a tournament over memorial day weekend and she absolutely loved it. she went to try out for this team and really liked the coach and the other girls. another major factor in our decision was that she is a U10 player - and her old team was going to be U11, which meant she'd be playing up. i wasn't a big fan of that at all...

i have been hemming and hawing over a new mattress for several months. originally, i wanted a king size bed, but i thought it was just going to be too damn expensive. well, after spending about 6 hours at IKEA, we (me and the manhusband) got it all figured out. we bought a king size bed, mattress, night stands and a dresser. and two lamps that i love. my room is all modern and sleek looking now - AND i have a king size bed. our mattress is comfy as hell - i can't remember when i slept so well. paul was quite a stud to stuff that mattress in the back of the truck, too. HA!

i have to go to california for work in two weeks. i'm glad about this because i really need a break from life. i will eat lavish food, see fantastic scenery, and just take some time for me. ah, zen.

what's up with you this summer? anything good?


Connie Weiss said...

I'm so glad that summer is finally here!!

Enjoy California!

Stacey Irwin said...

I loved summer too!
Well... i will love summer hopefully.. When I stop being so afraid of the larger then life bugs and reptiles that are over running my back yard!

I'm jealous. A kings size and a new bedroom set?! PICTURES?
Congrats to Jenna for the team hope she has lots of fun there!
Have a fun couple week is CALI rest up and get pampered! ( lucky girl!)