Thursday, April 1, 2010


today's post is inspired by my friend connie. connie is a loving mom, friend, wife and blogger. she's been on a weight loss journey recently, and she likes lots of the same things that i do, including tv shows, guess jeans, shopping, and shoes. and food. and cooking. she isn't from utah, but she lives here, and she doesn't really love it here. i keep hoping she'll change her mind. i love it here.

you wanna know the kicker? i've "known" her for more than a few years now, and we've never met in real life.

ten years ago, i would have told you that is theeee weirdest thing ever. today, i think it's pretty normal.

anyway, over at her blog today, she's got a post about her goals for the month of april. it turns out that since i started blogging, i have nothing to say, so i thought i'd steal this idea and talk about what i want to focus on for the month of april. it all comes down to one word:


1. work smarter at work. this means try to stay focused, don't multi task as much, and use time wisely. this is going to be super important for the month of april for a few reasons. first, i'm taking a whole week of vacation...and... i'm not going to check my work email while i'm on vacation. for the first time in 4 years. wish me luck when i get back to the office, because i'm going to need it. second, i have a business trip in april to one of my favorite places to visit - oklahoma city. i adore oklahomans. don't judge me.

2. family really is first. my kids will start playing soccer this month, which i absolutely LOVE. i love watching them play, but it had better not be freezing ass cold weather for the next 10 weeks. yes, god, i'm talking to you. and i'm shaking my fist in your direction. dude. seriously. let's have some sunshine. i've been working on NOT yelling at my kids as much. it seems that they don't know how to deal with me when i'm calmly upset. whatever that means. calmly upset. whatever.

3. sleep. for the love of all that is precious, this girl needs more sleep. i need to balance the day with the night. the nighttime is the right time.

how do you find balance?


Connie Weiss said...

Thanks so much for playing along this month!

I like your goals very much and I just watched a segment on Studio 5 yesterday about balance...they talked about how if you are feeling unhappy or out of sorts, then you need to reorder your priorities because something is falling through the cracks.

Now...get some sleep!

Emilie said...

Multi-tasking is where I fall apart. Meaning, I do too much of it and end up forgetting what I'm really trying to get done. Like right now.


Have fun on your one-week vacation. Going somewhere fun?