Monday, April 5, 2010

observations from the road

1. jenna on vegas: "mom, you just don't see people like this in richmond."

2. jake: "why do they hand out that trash (referring to the porn peddlers on every corner)? can't they just make that illegal??

3. the super 8 motel in butt, montana is nicer than the excalibur hotel in las vegas. i wish i were making that up. you should see my hair, completely ruined today by the water pressure (or lack there of...) of the shower head.

4. it doesn't rain in barstow very often. but when it does, one has to wonder if god is a woman scorned. wow. what a storm.

5. there should be fashion police in las vegas. ones that write actual tickets.

6. is las vegas spanish for "douche bags?" because that city is filled with the douchiest people i've ever seen, complete with their affliction and/or ed hardy shirts. and hair gel. seriously, guys, time to hang up the shirts with the tattoo-like looking designs and move on.

7. to the skanky girls in las vegas. i think you believe you look pretty, but that's just the alcohol talking. your butt length, skin tight halter top dress really just makes you look fat and cheap. trust me on this one, mm kay?

8. there is no diet dew in bottles in anaheim?? not at the 2 gas stations i stopped at. insert all the usual acronyms here, like WTF, WTH, FFS, OMG, LAME. ok, so lame isn't one. but it should be.

9. my kids love the ocean. there is sand everywhere in my car to prove it.

10. that's all i've got for now. maybe there will be more later this week if i've got time....


jess said...

one last thought... Isn't wearing a birka, but showing half your boobs counterproductive?

Connie Weiss said...

HA! Sounds like you're having fun...I wish I was at the beach. It's snowing here.

annikab said...

Enjoy every minute of your trip!! Your missing lots of snow here! Soak up the rays sweetie!

The Dave said...

Las Vegas is Jersey West... and our hotel in Vegas was crappy too.. but it was cheap..

Anonymous said...

love the vegas commentary! have a wonderful time! so how do they sell diet dew? in 5 gallon buckets?