Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring break has broken

i just spent 7 days with my kids. that's not a typo. seven days. twenty four hours a day.

and i lived.


for the first time ever, the kids had a whole week off from school, and i decided we'd take a little vacation. also for the first time ever, i have gone 6 solid days without checking work email. i'm pretty sure i'm going to suffer an extreme anxiety attack, followed by a subsequent bout of diarrhea tomorrow when i get to work and open outlook. more on that later. maybe. maybe i don't want to blog about issues with my colon. :) more importantly, you may not want to read about issues with my colon.

my kids really enjoyed the time we spent together. they thanked me more than once for taking them on vacation and i'm pretty sure that we created memories for a lifetime.

yeah, ok, so maybe i did make them pose for this photo. but i only had to ask once. they're looking out over the ocean at huntington beach, just north of newport beach. it looks warm, but it wasn't. it was cold and windy, but they didn't care. they thought the ocean was awesome. i had to drag them away, teeth chattering and sand stuck in their toes.

it's back to normal life tomorrow.


Stacey Irwin said...

Just caught up on all your post, and all I gotta few things to say 1) welcome back! 2) Pee'd my pants laughing, which I so desperatly need right now 3)who goes to vegas with children? that city should come with a XXX warning right where it tell you welcome to vegas population : ho's and hookers etc.
But if nothing else I'm sure they picked a few tips on to what NOT to wear. ugh. ha!

well, time to wipe away these tears of pure joy and laughter, and get back to work!
Love your knew blog the name of it fits your PERFECTLY~

Stacey Irwin said...

typing on a phone is hard.....

DEBBIE said...

I am so glad you finally did this. You were talking about doing this with your kids when I worked with you!! YEAH!!

Connie Weiss said...

It sounds like you had fun!

I hope work wasn't too hard today...

annilee said...

Okay girl, too bad I didn't know you were going to Vegas! I have a beautiful house sitting empty that would of loved guests! And I can promise you it's much, much better than the Excalibur! One more reason I wish I could of known, and I would of told you to stay anywhere but there! And you are right about the people on the strip...oh how much I love to people watch there!

And you would be surprised what hidden beauty is hiding not to far away from the stip in the suberbs of LV! I am missing it like crazy! After living there long forget the strip even exists until family comes to town!
Anyway, wish I could of hit the town with you and show you all my favorite hidden hotspots. But now maybe you can visit when you come to OK, and introduce me to some of your faves! Love your blog! ;)